Saturday, 2 January 2010

my first post

Hello every body !

This is my first post. It is about my virtual manager club. I am in division 6 group 19 last season sunday afternoon I moved up a division now I have to try to stay up and avoid relegation which is trikey. Every sunday evening they have a season update, lots of managers have clubs on it and we are in leagues, you can move up or down and we play each other. My club is ready to get out of relegation with the help of my all stars. My club is called kennys all stars.

My squad - click on picture to view full-size image.

This is my league history, as you can see I've finished first last season. So now I'm in the sixth division so I have to try and avoid relegation. You might also see that I have played most of my fgames in English divion eight group 20. My best season was one I came fourth in the 45 week of 2009, but unfortunately it was two places off promotion and one place from wining a third place trophy so I did not get any awards, but the satisfaction of having best season in my clubs histrory so far.

But then shortly after I moved into the American league. Where I had good finishing positions such as fourth, third and first.